Friday, June 30, 2017

Six Reasons Having a CMMS is Critical for Manufacturing Plants

Six Reasons Having a CMMS is Critical for Manufacturing Plants

Although U.S. and Canadian manufacturing sectors were both hit hard by the 2008-2009 recessions, each has experienced recoveries resulting in continued growth. According to FRED Economic Data (2017), the U.S. reported a record level third quarter in 2016 of approximately $2.18 trillion in industrial output. In Canada, manufacturing sales were reported up by 1.5%, amounting to $51.8 billion in November 2016 (Statistics Canada, 2017). In each case, upward trends have been observed since bottoming out during the recessions. It is also noteworthy, that in March 2017, the U.S. manufacturing industry reportedly employed 12.4 million people (FRED, 2017), while the Canadian manufacturing industry employed 1.8 million people during 2016 (Statistics Canada, 2017). These indicators attest to the importance and enormity of the manufacturing industries in both countries making them large contributors to their respective economies.

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